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Beta Breastcollar-BRN-SB-1" Wide

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Brand: Beta

Brown, Solid Brass, 1" wide (pictured black, stainless steel)

My manufacture of the Beta Tack products that I carry has lost her business and her home due to the CampFire in Paradise, CA. I can no longer replace or order products when quantities become zero, but I will look for another manufacture of the same high quality standards. This is a amazing product and I hope to be able to bring you the best possible replacement. Currently all existing Beta is now 20% off. No Return or Exchanges. All Sales FINAL.

BETA® - Looks like leather with none of the care, durable and fits with any riding style, softly textured with rolled edges and extremely flexible, no stretching or delaminating even after long term use, does not become stiff in cold weather, but the most amazing aspect of this product is the care. Just rinse off with water and hang to dry.

Our Breastcollars offer complete adjustability - at the shoulders, girth attachment, across the withers, and the straps that attaches to saddle. Lightweight and with that great look of leather. The breastcollar will aid in keeping your saddle from slipping backwards as you ride uphill.

Overlay color option is available for this breastcollar.

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