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Cantel Bag - Dark Brown

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Brand: Right Side Gear

Carry Extra Everything with this Cantel Bag! Including extra water, rope, jacket, etc. What could be better or easier than having a bag to carry everything and small enough just to lay across the back of your saddle, not on your horse! This Cantel bag has accomplished both. The design is similar to the Pommel bag, except the front pouch is removed and the curve is reversed. Here's what you get:

  • Two water bottle holders with zipper closure (holds big 24 oz. bottles)
  • Two outside pockets with Velcro® closures (one on each side)
  • Two inside pockets (one on each side)
  • Underside is soft fleece
  • Attachments on top includes two different placements of Velcro® (each side) in order to fit different rear saddle attachments.
  • Extra long straps to wrap around and through to your stirrup straps or rigging of saddle and connect to the fastner at the front of bag . This allows for No Bouncing.

Made from 400 Denier High Density Coated Packcloth Nylon Fabric. Waterproof and washable.

Brilliant colors to choose from:

  • Royal Blue 1801
  • Lime 1802
  • Dark Brown 1803
  • Black 1804
  • Purple 1805
  • Aqua 1806
  • Red 1807
  • Pink 1808

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