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Healthy HairCare Herbal Horse Wash™

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Wash & Rinse with the Turn of a Switch Healthy HairCare Herbal Horse Wash™. Wash buckets and sponges not required with this effortless Horse Washing System. Yippee!

Simply attach the sprayer to your water hose. Snap off shipping tab to allow sprayer to operate. Turn dial to "RINSE" to wet horse. Turn dial to "WASH" to apply shampoo. Let stand for several minutes and/or work in heavily soiled areas with your Ultimate Grooming Mitt (#427) as desired. Turn dial to "RINSE" to rinse the horse. Turn dial to "OFF" when finished. Shampoo is Preset to deliver the Perfect ratio.

32 oz. will wash approximately 8 to 10 horses. With a one gallon refill you could wash up to 64 horses! OMG! It's so very easy and fun too!

Shampoo is a high grade blend of natural extracts and conditioners perfectly balanced to clean, protect and condition hair and skin. Healthy HairCare Herbal Horse Wash™ is pH balanced, safe for horses, dogs, people and our environment. Use the Ultimate Grooming Mitt #427 to complete the washing experience. Your animals will love you for it!

Tip: For added shine and conditions, while horse is still wet, we recommend following up with Silverado Detangler #520 for manes and tails.

Made Eco-Friendly in USA - Cold manufacturing process and recyclable plastics for a smaller carbon foot print.

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