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Horse Boot - MPact™ Stealth Boot Red

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The mPact™ Stealth Boot features a side entry contour fit that shapes to the horse's leg eliminating unwanted bulk. It has a unique removable bilateral ankle stabilizer that stabilizes the ankle at the horse's natural conformation, providing superior vertical support and torque reduction. This removable stabilizer allows the option of extra support for competition or events. It also features ultra-lightweight construction, easy on and off application, and is secured with three hook closures. Matching boots are available for the hind legs also.

The boot has the following features:

  • 9/32" shock absorbing Maxi Grip neoprene construction for complete adjustability.
  • H-Tech impact and shock absorbing Superthane protective inserts in strike and impact areas.
  • Made in the USA!

What is Superthane? It has the physical state of a solid, and most of the properties of a very thick liquid. It has almost perfect "memory", after impact it returns to it's original shape. It does this without the bounce of rubber, which can be harmful where shock is involved. Superthane dissipates shock energy sideways, absorbing up to 95% of impact shock. Very little energy is converted to the horse. The energy absorbing properties of this material far exceed any product currently being used in equine leg protection. The M-Pact™ Stealth line featuring Superthane protective inserts offer the Absolute Highest Protection available in any protective boot on the market today!

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