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Keychain - Long/BLK-RUST

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Colorado Horsehair, founded in 1990 and based in Boulder Colorado, is the source for the world's finest horsehair products - all made in the USA! NEW LOWER PRICE!

Each piece begins as a fine horsetail, then the hair is removed without harming or discomforting the animal. Indeed, harvesting the horse hair is beneficial. The hair, gathered into a "hank", as it is called at this point is then cleaned and sorted. The raw hair, some ow which is colored with natural pigments, is then separated and twisted by weavers into "hair-pulls." It is then braided or hitched to create the products It is this combination of natural fiber and hand braiding that gives a Colorado Horsehair product the subtle variations of texture and color. Craftsmanship is amazing and all done by hand with no two products alike.

  • Long (the braided part is 3"+ long)
  • Dark or Light at the tail end

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