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Pommel Bag - Pink

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Brand: Right Side Gear

Everything you need right at your fingertips with this Pommel Bag! Including water, maps, gum, lipgloss, hoof pick, pliers, etc. Here's what you get:

  • Top zippered pouch with Velcro® underneath so it stays in place when you are not using
  • Two water bottle holders with zipper closure (holds big 24 oz. bottles)
  • Two outside pockets with Velcro® closures (one on each side)
  • Two inside pockets (one on each side)
  • Underside is soft fleece
  • Attachments on top includes two different placements of Velcro® (each side) in order to fit different saddle "D" rings. The Velcro® strap that you don't use, just slip your whip, flash light, GPS, etc. and secure with the Velcro® strap. This Bag will sit up and away from your horses withers.
  • Extra long straps to wrap around and through to your stirrup straps or rigging of saddle and connect to the fastner at the front of bag . This allows for No Bouncing.

Made from 400 Denier High Density Coated Packcloth Nylon Fabric. Waterproof and washable.

Brilliant colors to choose from:

  • Royal Blue 1784
  • Lime 1785
  • Pink 1786
  • Dark Brown 1787
  • Black 1788
  • Purple 1789
  • Aqua 1790
  • Red 1791

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