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Saddle Seat Gripper - Western/Black

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Brand: Equi-Tech, LLC | Tacky-Tack™

Slippery Saddle Seat? Get the Seat Gripper! Specially designed for active riders providing extra comfort and security. No more sliding around. Now you can sit balanced with control. Made with a single layer of Tacky-Tack™ non-slip foam that fits any size western saddle. US Patent No. 7,178,319. Rinse off with a hose on both sides if necessary and hang to air dry. Next time you ride you have a clean pad!

Equi-Tech LLC | Tacky-Tack™ has developed products that solve many saddle pad issues. The Tacky-Tack™ saddle pads are patented, single-source products. They have layered construction of foam-coated polyester fabric that will not stain, discolor, dry out or tear under Normal use. Designed with proper padding at the right locations; the saddle bar pressure points, with extra padding at the withers, and spiral pressure relief. They are available in many styles to fit any and all breeds and offer protection and comfort for the horse and rider. All of these products represent the leading edge of world technology. Developed in their own laboratories by a 30-year veteran horseman and engineer, specializing in products specific to the equine industry.

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