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Saddle Soap On a Rope

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Epona's Saddle Soap leather cleaner is the best I have ever used. It cleans, beautifies, protects and softens leather. Easy-to use soap hangs from hemp rope for your convenience. Ultra mild vegetable glycerin soap is enhanced with vitamin E for superior conditioning properties. It moisturizes and cleans even the driest leather. No need for rinsing. Smells great and makes your hands feel soft. This is a lifeline to keep tack soft, supple and glowing for years. Hangs conveniently - on tack hooks or a nail or anywhere.

Directions: Apply with slightly damp sponge or soft rag. Promptly buff to luster with a clean soft cloth. Approximate size: 2" Wide x 6"Long x 1-1/8" Thick - 9.52 oz.

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