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Silverado Silver Shampoo™

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Brand: Horse Grooming Solutions

Your Whites are Whiter with Silverado Silver Shampoo. 16 oz. Get's the RED out! This shampoo is whiter than white.

Use on mane and tails for Gray's, Palominos, Paints, Pintos, and all horses with white/gray manes and tails. Silverado Silver Shampoo™ has a unique formula to neutralize yellowing and redness and enhance highlights. Vitamin E and Aloe help to prevent and repair breakage too! Using optical brighteners that assist in providing horses brighter whites, shiny highlights and silvery gray's.

Directions: Wet hair. Apply shampoo at full strength. Work into a rich lather allowing to stand for a few minutes on trouble or stuborn areas (manes/tails). Rinse thoroughly and dry. Repeat as necessary.

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