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Stable Ride Pad by Tacky-Tack™ Black

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Brand: Tacky Tack

Stable Ride pad by Tacky-Tack™ comes to you in a 3' x 5', folded and wrapped package. The picture shows how you can cut the pad according to your type of saddle pad. This is just showing one example.

  • NON-SLIP - Stable Ride helps prevent saddle blankets from slipping and sliding
  • EVEN SUPPORT - Support is distributed evenly under saddle blanket providing extra cushion
  • BREATHABLE - Open Weave fabric provides maximum air circulation, keeping horse cooler
  • CLEANER TACK - Stable Ride saves you time and money because it helps keep dirt and grime off saddle blanket. Also keeps blanket dry.
  • Stable Ride is just rinsed off with your garden hose and then ready for the next ride

Instructions for 3' x 5' Stable Ride: For best results, cut Stable Ride to dimensions suitable to fit under the saddle blanket. Stable Ride should extend slightly at the rear and both sides of the saddle blanket.

Made of superior quality polyester fabric coated with a high-grade foam vinyl compound.

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